Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Day 152 - Career Portfolio Overview, Nick Merlino, BHS Senior

1) What have you learned as a result of the career project?
  • Throughout the career portfolio process, I have learned to boil down my goals and skills into what is crucial for my future. Using this new knowledge, I have created an attractive digital footprint that I hope will draw future opportunities and employers. It was also helpful to link all of my digital profiles together so they can be found easily. I have also learned that I do not know everything about what my future holds but I should focus on my goal of going into the field of computer science as a career and prioritize what is important in my life. Also I have learned that my previous presentation skills were dreadful and Mrs. Scheffer is extremely capable at creating presentations that are attractive.
2) How has the carer project contributed to your digital footprint?
  • Now I have four more online accounts that link everything together and present me in a professional manner. Before, I had an activities list that had EVERY SINGLE thing I have done, which was just a large list basically with many dates next to it. We distinguished which ones were most important and then removed the non-essentials and turned them into a brand new digital footprint that appears professional. After the program, I went from a single activities list to having a:
3) Why is the career portfolio project important?
  • It is important, as before I simply had a list of MANY activities I have done, but now I have a complete and well done resume that I am proud of. The whole process was interesting and engaging because it was not a random project that had no use but it directly influences my future and it made me look at what I have truly done over my 18 years. As I’m going to college next year, I will be looking to create new online and professional connections as well as present myself in this professional manner in order to make myself available for career advancement.
4) How has the career portfolio given you a competitive advantage?
  • I hope that this career portfolio will give me an advantage as other students don’t have this opportunity to learn how to present themselves in this manner. The program was basically a large advantage to me compared to others students throughout the world as they most likely do not have a professional instructor that has expertise in creating these digital sites. They, like I had before, only have themselves and websites to guide them in what is a “good” resume. Not only do I have a well put together professional resume now, but also other online profiles which will be extremely important in my future.

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