Tuesday, June 19, 2018

Day 175 - Traveling to American Symbols! - Mrs. Parnell - Pine Glen Kindergarten

This post first appeared on Mrs. Parnell's Blog 

Today was amazing! The kindergartners have been learning about American Symbols and their locations in the United States. We have done research, read books, created our own books.  Last week we made our own passports and travel suitcases to prepare us for our TRIP across the giant North American map. This morning the students we greeted by their groups travel agent and they were escorted to each site where a tour guide introduced the students to each American Symbol, stamped their passport and quizzed the students on their knowledge of each symbol. After visiting each site the students were given a souvenir to help the students remember each site! There were many destinations to visit.  Off the coast of Maryland was a British warship to help us learn about the war of 1812 and the inspiration and perspective of Francis Scott Key's Star Spangled Banner.  Students used telescopes to look back at the coast to spot to Ft. McHenry. At the US / Canadian border student learned about Niagara Falls and watched a brief video of the falls. On the western part of the map students learned about the American Bald Eagle in Alaska, watched a volcano erupt in Hawaii and visited the Golden Gate Bridge in California. Students also had the opportunity to visit Mt. Rushmore, see Bison in Yellowstone National Park, stop by the Grand Canyon and see some alligators in the Everglades! Based on what we saw and heard the students doing this morning, the students are becoming American Symbol experts. Great work kindergartners! 

THANK YOU to all the parents and Burlington Public Schools staff who took the time to help us with this special project. We couldn't have done made it work without your help!

Monday, June 18, 2018

Day 174 - Memorial 4th Graders Breakout of the Box - Mrs. Myer - Teacher Librarian

Memorial 4th graders participated in our Lauren Castillo (Author/Illustrator) Breakout Box puzzle this week during Learning Commons.  A Breakout Box puzzle is a way for students to use teamwork and critical thinking to solve a set of challenges in order to open a locked box. Think escape room but in a box. In this challenge, students had to solve 5 different clues to open 5 different locks.  All the clues were based on Lauren Castillo’s books. The students really enjoyed working together, solving the puzzles with black light flashlights, finding a lock key during a scavenger hunt, describing a trip around the world, alphabetizing synonyms, and answering questions.  

Friday, June 15, 2018

Day 173 - Categorizing in Grade 2 - Mrs. Mondello - Memorial School Reading Specialist

This post first appeared on the Burlington Keys to Literacy Blog

Students sort and categorize pictures words and objects across the curriculum and from the very start of Kindergarten. This year’s KTL training gave me a deeper understanding of how learning to organizing words and discussing the connections between and among a group of words is the beginning of implied main idea. When a child can articulate the connection within a group of details they begin the process of finding the main idea. 

In this activity, we asked a second-grade group of students with experience in categorizing words into previously labeled buckets, (labels) to sort then identify the labels for the buckets. The discussion groups got right to work sorting and determining how to organize the words. At first glance kids impulsively sorted into two clear categories, winter and summer then hit a roadblock with nouns that were places, like TD Garden and Fenway Park. 

Eventually, paired groups brought their category labels to the rug where our larger debate happened. The final two labels given were Bruins hockey essentials and Red Sox Baseball essentials. This was engaging and only took about 15 minutes. 


Thursday, June 14, 2018

Day 168 - Recorder Concert, Author Fest, and Duck Boats - Mrs. Hayes - Pine Glen Grade 3

These posts originally appeared on Mrs. Hayes' Blog

Thank you to everyone who came to see the third graders perform at their Recorder & Violin Concert.  They have worked hard all year learning the songs and practicing.   They did an outstanding job! I hope you enjoyed all of the writing that you saw.  Everyone in Room 205 has made improvements in some area - sentence structure, adding detail, or even on handwriting.  I am so proud of them and know they will be ready for whatever 4th grade throws at them.  Thank you for coming to celebrate our writing accomplishments. 

It was a beautiful day in Boston! We learned a lot about the history of Boston and saw a lot of historical sights! We even had a chance to drive the boat. Thank you to all the chaperones for joining us on the trip. We hope you enjoyed it as much as we did.
Driving the Boat!