Friday, January 23, 2015

Day 88 - Meet The Techie Ladies of BHS - Mira Mehdi - BHS Senior

This post originally appeared on Mira's Blog

I present, the Techie Ladies video. It is finally here. After 2-3 long months of editing and filming, I have finally finished this video. The reason it took so long was not because of my editing capabilities, but because I chose the busiest 2-3 months of my senior year to create it. However, it is finally finished, and the outcome is better than anything I could have ever imagined.
I am a female BHS Help Desk member, with only three other girls (Cat, Kristin, and Kelsey). We are leading the way for young women in technology. We hope our abilities to problem solve, create, and innovate with technology in the classroom are an inspiration to other young girls who are passionate about STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Math)! The Techie Ladies video I made was a parody of Beyonce’s “Single Ladies.” We used the music in the background, however changed every single word. I had my teacher, Mrs. Scheffer, as well as another AP chorus student, Emily Frost, to record the lyrics. I had them record their voices through the microphone on my Apple headset, and then I put it right into Garage Band to auto-tune… not that is was necessary. As a matter of fact, Mrs. Scheffer was a theater major and so this project was right up her ally. This took about 10 takes but we had a blast making it. After I edited it, I decided to get footage and girls in our high school doing things that corresponded with our lyrics. Surprisingly, it wasn’t that hard at all. I barely had to have people act since what they were doing, before I approached them, was what we wanted them to do. Everyone’s contributions were great, and I even gave them credit at the end. The making of this video was truly a collaborative effort.
So after 3 long months, here is the final product. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did making it

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Day 87 - Chick Show With Ms. Pavlicek - Ms. Farmer - Francis Wyman First Grade

This post first appeared on Ms. Farmer's Blog

Ms. P came in today for her annual Chick Show.  The show comes before we get an incubator with eggs in our classroom! The show began with Mrs. Ski's reading class doing reader's theater on how to care for chicks:

Then Ms. P began her show on the chicks:

Ms. P asks the age old question, "Which came first the chicken or the egg?
Introducing "The one, the only...chicken egg!" (the star of the show).
Ms. P demonstrates how strong an egg actually is by having a student and a teacher try to break the shell by squeezing them with their hands. The shape of the eggshell protects the egg from breaking when we squeeze it. That's why we have to crack it on it's side

Next, Ms. P used models to show the different sizes of eggs (from hummingbird to elephant egg).

Here is a crane egg with spots to help camouflage the egg from predators. 

Ms P. then showed us the parts of the egg. 
We did a chicken dance for a movement break. 
We discussed the difference between fertilized and non-fertilized egg. 

Then a first-grader acted as a mother hen and laid a nest full of eggs.

She pretended to lay on the eggs for 21 days to keep the eggs warm.
We learned about the inside of the incubator and how it works.
We talked about the comb and waddle on the chickens right before...
We met the Rhode Island Ren hen and...

Mr. Rooster!

It was a great show and we learned a lot about chick development and how to take care of our chicks once they are born!  Thanks Ms. P!

Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 86 - Are You As Fluent As a Third Grader? - Jill Cunha - Pine Glen Third Grade

This post originally appeared on Mrs. Cunha's Blog

The students in Room 203 are working toward becoming multiplication masters. This means that they will be fluent with the multiplication facts from 0 - 10. Today 3 of my students became multiplication masters! Congratulations to Aditi, Charles, and Shefali! In 3 minutes they solved 100 problems with 100% accuracy. 

Last week, Aditi stated that she would be able to complete the timed test before me. I accepted her challenge today and took the same assessment. Although I was able to complete the assessment before her, she finished quickly after me. Congratulations again to Aditi, Charles and Shefali for their hard work on becoming a multiplication master! I look forward to posting more of my student's accomplishments!

Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Day 85 - NFL Super Bowl Logo Designs - Ms. Phillips - MSMS Art Department

This post originally appeared on Ms. Phillips' Blog

This week in class we discussed the importance of logo designs. Students were given the assignment to create the winning team logo for the  Super Bowl. Most students want the Pats to win but are feeling the Seahawk are the better team. Greenbay had a handful of designs and the Colts the least. If the students designs are any indication of who makes it to Superbowl XLIX it will be the Patriots Vs Seahawks.
Below are a few of the designs that were completed...


Monday, January 19, 2015

Thank You, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. - Ms. Varrell - Pine Glen Second Grade

This post first appeared on Ms. Varrell's Blog 

While enjoying this long weekend, learn about Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr. in this Reading Rainbow video hosted by LeVar Burton. We honor his memory by living the 'golden rule.'

Friday, January 16, 2015

Day 84 - Another Inspiring Artist Alumni Day - George Ratkevich - BPS Fine Arts Coordinator

This post originally appeared on Ms. Chang's Blog 


Alumni Artist Day 2015
Report by George Ratkevich

Thanks go out to all the alumni who showed up for our seventh annual Alumni Artist Day. On Friday, January 9, 2015, the Burlington High School Art Department hosted the event from 7:30 am until 2 pm.  For the past seven years, the Burlington High School Art Department has welcomed back former students to discuss their careers as artists. Alumni in college talked about their experiences at art school and shared their portfolios, senior college students talked about how they were preparing to enter the workforce, and alumni who are working as designers, artists, and architects shared their experiences and day-to-day activities at their jobs.

All the high school’s art students attended the event during their art periods. They learned about careers in the arts and had a chance to ask questions of the alumni. As often happens at the event, in addition to connecting alumni with current students, this year’s Alumni Artist Day brought opportunities for alumni to network.


Christoforo Magliozzi (BHS Class of 2007), Principal Researcher and Project Coordinator at the metaLAB at Harvard University, is also a director, cinematographer, and editor. Cris showed his documentary film, Cold Storage. Cold Storage will premiere locally alongside ( “in dialogue with”) French director Alan Resnais’ 1956 documentary, All the World’s Memory, which served as an inspiration and from which much of the narration in Chris’ film is derived. The film will premiere on February 2 in Piper Auditorium at Harvard University, but our students were treated to a first glimpse. The premiere at Harvard will also debut its accompanying interactive web-based media archive as well. The premiere is being held in conjunction with an exhibition called Icons of Knowledge at the Harvard Graduate School of Design, which looks at the history of national library buildings through models, murals, and drawings. Students asked about Chris’ previous experience at the White House, where he served on a film crew. Chris’ work can be viewed at and at

Chris Coe (BHS Class of 2013) spoke to Burlington students several times throughout the day, sharing his experiences as a freelance photographer and as a sophomore at Rochester Institute of Technology, where his focus is advertising photography. His portfolio can be viewed at Chris assured us that he would be attending every Alumni Artist Day for the next thirty years.


Rachel Faller (BHS Class of 2004) used video conferencing through Google Hangout to speak to our classes. She spoke to us from her home in San Francisco, where she recently moved to further develop her international business. Rachel is the owner and founder of Tonle Zero Waste Fashion (, and she shared her experiences as a creative and an entrepreneur. Press on Tonle can be found at The Chic Ecologist ( and Ecouterre (, among other sites. Rachel is a graduate of Maryland Institute College of Art who had focused on textiles.

Rachel's talk with BHS can be viewed below:

Other presenters at the event included: 
Dan Barrera (BHS Class of 2013), a sophomore at Becker College focusing on Interactive Media and Game Design; 

Elizabeth Johnson, a senior at Framingham State studying Fashion Merchandising;

Daniel Fitzpatrick (BHS Class of 2003), a graduate of Rhode Island School of Design working as the User Experience Developer at Smashfly Technologies;

Gamuchirai Dhliwayo (BHS Class of 2013), in her sophomore year at Massachusetts College of Art and Design majoring in Graphic Design; 

Anesu Dhliwayo, a graduate of the Boston Architectural College. She is a designer at LAB ( who is working toward becoming a registered architect; 

Jen Vachon, a graduate of Syracuse University working in architectural design at Isgenuity,

Michael Guleserian, a freshman at Lasell College majoring in graphic design and working as a freelance graphic designer of logos

Marissa Cote (BHS Class of 2013), who shared the experiences of her sophomore year at School of the Art Institute of Technology (SAIC)

The common thread throughout the day was the gratitude that the alumni had for Burlington High School and all that the art department has to offer. Alumni told the current students numerous times " you are so fortunate to have the resources that you have in the BHS Art Department!"