Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Day 163 - Joicee's Comparison of Peak and Lumosity - Brain Training Apps - MSMS Help Desk Blog

This student post originally appeared on the MSMS Help Desk Blog

Peak and Lumosity are brain training apps. Lumosity is very popular and has a commercial while Peak does not have as much publicity. They both are very simple to setup and easy to use. Peak is more colorful than Lumosity which makes it more captivating and fun. They each have daily training sessions with three or four games. Peak has four games every day while Lumosity only has three. That is something I enjoy about Peak: it has more games and is very colorful. Another good thing about Peak is that you can look at a graph of your progress and compare it to others. Peak also has a feature where you can invite friends and try to beat their high scores. Lumosity is a little more fast paced and a little more serious looking. It does not have as much color as Peak, but it is extremely simple to use.



Tuesday, May 24, 2016


Starting around grade 3, as boys and girls begin to develop interests and notice similarities and differences between themselves and others, stronger friendships begin to grow. On the flip side, exclusivity and unkind statements begin to be thrown around as an attempt to understand the changing social dynamics.
A common problem is, “I want to play with aa, but I (cc) don’t like bb and bb is friends with aa. What should I do?” And, most often the solution they come up with is to be unkind to bb and exclude them from games and conversations.
It is important to remember, when helping your child in a situation like this, that if your child is bb or cc, both are feeling extremely vulnerable. They want to protect their friendship with aa, and feel liked and apart of the group. They need to be reminded that they can be friends with aa, and should also try to find things about bb or cc that they like so all can be feeling comfortable and liked as a group.
If your child is aa, encourage them to tell bb and cc they like spending time with them both and would like to find a way for all to play together. And, if possible, encourage them to find dd!
Attached is a nice article from a parent’s perspective when she realized her daughter was excluding another.

Monday, May 23, 2016

Day 161 - Actors-In-Training - Mr. Daley - Fox Hill Grade 4

This post originally appeared on Mr. Daley's Blog 

Last week, my ELA students performed two plays demonstrating their reading, speaking, and acting abilities. As part of our ELA curriculum and common core standards, Grade 4 students learn about "the structural elements of drama (e.g., casts of characters, settings, descriptions, dialogue, stage directions) when writing or speaking about a text." Students' preparation was clearly evident during their performances. Below are some candid photos of my "students in action!"

Friday, May 20, 2016

Day 160 - Exploring the Reservoir - Mrs. Cyr - Memorial School Grade 3

Thank you Mr. Musselman, Miss P., and Mrs. Hogan for a great day at The Mill Pond Reservoir! We got to visit and explore 3 different habitats.

The Vernal Pool

Salamander Eggs

Crossing the log bridge!

The Field

Corn Snake

The Forest


I hope everyone has a great weekend!

Thursday, May 19, 2016

Day 159 - Enhancing Student Learning With Technology - Pine Glen Library and Technology Center

This post first appeared on the Pine Glen LTC Blog

Pine Glen's annual Arts & Technology night is an eventful evening showcasing our students' many talents.  On behalf of our librarian Miss Carney, and myself, Mrs. Ardizzoni, we would like to share our Google Slides presentation highlighting our students learning using technology, digital citizenship, STEM skills, and digital literacy skills across all of our elementary grade levels.  Feel free to pause any slide in order to scan a qr code to access student work or to click the play button to watch a video.  Take a peek at what our students have accomplished!  As their teachers we are very proud of them!

Bulletin Board - Learning Using Technology

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Day 158 - Spring Poetry Book - Mrs. Hoyt - Pine Glen Kindergarten

This post originally appeared on Mrs. Hoyt's Blog

Below are our spring poetry books. 

Please read through and enjoy! Students enjoy the process of making these books. They learn about collaboration, the writing process, and in this case they also reinforced knowledge about the Spring season and the senses! Students feel a large sense of pride in sharing their writing and illustrations. Please share with family and friends and encourage them to comment on this blog post. Teachers will share your feedback with students!