Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Day 111 - African Parrot in our Classroom - Mrs. Bottiglio - Burlington Early Childhood Center

We have been enjoying our visit from Crystal, an African Grey Parrot, from the Burlington Science Center.  In our unit of the jungle, we have been learning about the three parts of a jungle(canopy, understory, and forest floor).  We have been discussing how different animals live in the different parts of the jungle because what each part has for the animals to live.   We learned that Crystal would live in the canopy because there is sunlight which helps plants to grow food for the parrots to eat.  

 Some of our students found books in our library about parrots and then wanted to show Crystal the pictures.  They had the idea that perhaps she would feel happy to see some of her parrot friends.  

 We have also given Crystal fruit and observed how she eats. 

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