Friday, October 17, 2014

Day 33 - Latin III 2014-2015 September Scavenger Hunts! - Greg Stringer - BHS Foreign Language Department

This September, Latin III students practiced their speaking and their mastery of prepositions in Latin via two "venationes thesauri" or "scavenger hunts." In this one, groups of three students and a furry friend were given a list of 20 Latin sentences which they had to interpret and then recreate out and about around BHS. Due to an absence, Magister Stringer had to fill in to help out Sophomores John Francis Hornicek and Anusha Datar.

Two weeks later, students completed another "Venatio" in the BHS Science Center, thanks to the generous hospitality of Wendy Pavilcek.  In this second hunt, once again in groups of three students were given Latin sentences which they had to interpret and recreate.  However, this time the animals were real!  Are Anusha, Brad Basham and Steven Blathras up to the challenge? Find out!

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