Thursday, May 24, 2018

Day 154 - IDEAS Conference Students Make Positive Change Through Humans of BHS

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In December a group of nine students attended the IDEAS Conference.

Initiatives for Developing Equity and Achievement for Students (IDEAS), a program of EDCO, facilitated a Student Leadership Conference for  11th, and 12th-grade students from member high schools. The purpose of the conference was to engage students from a range of racial and ethnic backgrounds in conversations on issues of racism, intolerance, discrimination, and allied behavior.



To provide students with the opportunity to learn from each other and build community within and across racial/ethnic groups

To recognize different forms of discrimination and racism in our schools and society

To recognize and challenge stereotypes

To explore and understand the many aspects of identity

To provide the opportunity for students to have affinity group conversations

To recognize the importance of advocacy and being an ally for others

To be able to inform districts about how students from different racial/ethnic groups perceive their school experience

The following students participated in the conference: 

Nimisha Thakkar, Jason Wu, Riya Kamani, Akhila John, Colin Nguyen, Arya Nagraj, Stavan Shah, Luis Villalta and Aida Gachago

After participating in the conference the students were challenged to head back to their school to make change!

The Students worked with the previously created Humans of BHS club to continue and build upon their mission of supporting diversity in their school.

The students in Humans of BHS worked on the following collaborative projects this year:

1. Humans of BHS Foreign Language Mission Statement
Students are going to recite the BHS Mission Statement in a wide variety of foreign languages at the beginning of the school day.

2. Interfaith Panel Diversity Stories
Students recorded themselves expressing different encounters they have had, good/bad, regarding their religion/belief system. This will become part of Interfaith Panel for the BPS educators Professional Development.

3. Weekly Peer Interviews 
Students interview students/faculty about any encounters, questions, opinions, or experiences they have had

4.Instagram: humansofburlma - Students created an Instagram account to showcase the diversity at BHS

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