Friday, May 25, 2018

Day 155 - Mindfulness in May - Pine Glen Counseling Blog

For the month of May, counseling lessons are focusing on learning the concept of mindfulness. This comes right in time as our 3rd-5th graders are taking their second session of MCAS. Students have been encouraged to use the concepts of having a mindful body and doing deep breathing to help them throughout challenging moments in or outside of school.

Students started the lesson by watching this great video on the benefits of breathing:

We then learned and practiced the following concepts:

1. Having a mindful body (sitting cross legged or in a chair, arms loose by your sides, feet rooted to the ground, eyes closed or looking down, voices off)
2. Doing mindful breathing (in through the nose, out through the mouth) "Smell the flowers, blow out the candle"
3. Practicing mindful listening (using the sound bowl to signal our brains and ears to focus on the noises around us)

Once we had all three exercises down, I had students either lie down on the rug or listen to a mindfulness script:

Students really enjoyed learning the concept and many felt calm and well rested after the mindfulness script. Mission accomplished!

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