Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Day 162 - This Is What Cultural Diversity Looks Like - Ms. Rogers and Ms. Phillips - MSMS Photo Club

diversity flags
gabbie large-1
Students in the MSMS photography Activity Block and after-school Photo Club took part in a portraiture lesson that combined creative elements of digital photography and fine art.  Skills included the use of lighting, meaningful composition, and body painting.  In a world that passes judgment based on appearances and increasingly divides us by our differences, students took the project one step further by demonstrating their ethnic pride and cultural diversity by embedding flags of origin into their portraits.  Once the composition was designed, and body painted flags included, images were shot and edited using Photoshop software.  Together, the photos make a powerful display statement, located along the corridor en route from the main lobby to the cafeteria.
SamanthaMoreira (2)
abbie flag

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