Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Day 119 - Snowy Snip-its - Mrs. Bennett - Fox Hill Kindergarten

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Although this week was rather quick with the snow day and delay, Room 5 still had some time to wrap up our unit on weather. We learned about clouds and temperature.  This week's morning greeting even included a temperature reading activity.  Each morning, the students received a thermometer with a marked temperature and corresponding color.  When it was a student's turn to say good morning, they would either say "BRRRR...it's cold" for a cold temperature or "WOOO... it's hot" for a hot temperature.  Here's a clip from Friday's morning greeting:

Cloud Show

Mr. Musselman came to Fox Hill to talk about clouds and temperature.  He explained the different types of clouds and how to even make a cloud in your own house.  All you need to make a cloud at home is water, ice/ice pack, a match, and a stove.  Below is the video of a how he uses these ingredients to make a cloud in the classroom. 

After Mr. Musselman completed his experiment we headed back to the classroom to complete our own cloud project. A lot of times clouds look like other shapes and objects. After reading Eric Carle's Little Cloud, we made cloud shapes out of cotton balls. Here are some of our masterpieces:


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