Friday, December 16, 2016

Day 67 - First Grade Book Reviews at Fox Hill - Patrick Murphy - Fox Hill Teacher Librarian

In first grade at Fox Hill we’re wrapping up one of my favorite projects, the first grade book reviews. For this project students are free to choose any book they like that interests them, fiction or non-fiction. The only stipulation is it must be a just right book at their level that they can read on their own so they can put what they have learned or what interests them into their own words. After they have read the book, they first write their review on paper. I work with the first grade teachers to help the students construct their sentences and to help with spelling and grammar. After completing their draft on paper, students then use the Book Creator app on their iPad to type their review into a text box. Once they’ve completed their typing it’s time to get creative! Students are free to design their own page, choose their background, text, fonts, colors, and create a layout that they like. As a finishing touch, each student asks a friend in class to take their picture with their book to include on their page. This project is a favorite as it includes literacy, reflecting, writing, student choice, typing, information literacy, iPad skills, layout and design skills, and photography skills. Throughout the project, students share with their classmates how they creating their page, how to choose different colors, fonts, text sizes, and how to move things around on the page. Best of all the kids have a blast using Book Creator to show off what they’ve learned!

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