Wednesday, December 14, 2016

Day 65 - Magnetism - Mrs. Boucher - Francis Wyman Grade 3

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Last week we focused our attention on the science of Magnets!  Students rotated around the third-grade classrooms to experiment with magnetism.

Monday:  Our class visited Mrs. Goguen's class to make a compass.  Students were able to test out and learn about the magnetic pull in a compass.  Did you know the earth was a giant magnet?  Ask your child about it at home.

Tuesday: Our students went to Mrs. O'Neill's class to answer the question, What is magnetic?  Students were able to test objects to see if they contained iron, nickel, or cobalt (the three magnetic metals.)

Wednesday:  Our class visited Mrs. Brown to do an experiment with iron filings.  Students were able to see the magnetic field and test out which points on a magnet are the strongest (the poles.)

Thursday:  Our class went to Mrs, Zani's class to learn about the poles of a magnet as well as the forces attract and repel.  Your child should bring home their "floating magnets" that they made in her class by facing like poles toward each other.  Ask your child to show and explain how it is working!

Friday:  We stayed in Mrs. Boucher's class on Friday to test out how powerful some magnets can be.  We got to use Neodymium magnets which are one of the strongest magnets on earth.  Students tested out different materials around the classroom to see what the magnets could work through  They discussed predictions and recorded results of their testing.  We also took a magnet quiz and the students did awesome!

Thank you to the Burlington Science Center for all the materials and support to make learning science an interesting, meaningful, and lasting experience!

Below are some examples of our science Notability notebooks:

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