Friday, November 18, 2016

Day 50 - The last few weeks...Mrs. Tigges - Fox Hill Grade 2

We continue to have busy, fun, exciting weeks in second grade at Fox Hill.

In reading rooms 17 &18 we:
  • continue to work through our Fundations units-closed exceptions: old ,ild, ind, olt, ost are called exceptions because they break the closed syllable rule and have a long vowel sounds rather than a short vowel sounds, as well as suffixes s and es.
  • read our Core Book Bigmama by: Donald Crews.  We read the book, discussed it and answered open response questions using TTQA-turn the question around.
  • meeting in our guided reading groups
  • finished our read aloud story Gooney Bird Green by: Lois Lowry and have started the second book in her series: Gooney Bird and the Room Mother.
  • practicing our reading fluency
  • reading books independently
  • reading Scholastic News and using the i-pad to find archived issues on Veteran's Day
  • doing listening activities
  • working on i-ready lessons on the Chromebook
In Math we:
  • continued with the first unit: counting on and back with subtraction, using addition facts to help with subtraction, using fact families to assist with addition and subtraction, solving word problems, and made math arguments
  • we took the Unit 1 Assessment
  • started Unit 2 Working with Equal Groups: odd and even numbers, using and making arrays to find totals
  • practicing facts including facts through the the 6 fact family as well as doubles and doubles +1
In Science we:
  • have continued our tree unit
  • With the help of Ms. Scheffer we learned how to use the app Explain
    Everything to begin an online tree journal.  We went outside to adopt a tree that we will follow throughout the seasons.  We recorded the temperature in Fahrenheit and Celsius, measured around the tree in inches and centimeters, observed the weather and animals we saw, and wrote about our tree.  We also took pictures of our tree with our i-pads to upload the picture in Explain Everything. Afterwards, the children recorded their voices to describe the tree.

In Social Studies we:
  • have continued our unit on land forms, bodies of water and continents
  • talked about the importance of Veteran's Day
We did a fun following directions craft: orange cats.

Also, we had a Halloween party with a craft and Party in a Bag.  The children made ghosts with cotton balls.

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