Monday, April 4, 2016

Day 131 - IOS 9.3, is it really Worth the Download? - Quentin Inglis - BHS Sophomore

This post originally appeared on the blog of BHS Help Desk student Quentin Inglis. 
IOS 9.3 has been released and comes with many new features. Apple’s Classroom app was also announced recently.Each have their benefits which will significantly make many things easier. Pros, however, always come with cons. Let’s take a look at the pros and cons of IOS 9.3 and then what Classroom has to offer.
Pros of IOS 9.3
IOS 9.3 adds a multitude of new features such as Night Shift and Notes lock and improvements to Apple Music and News. News is more customizable and lets you add a song to a playlist without saving it to your library in Apple Music.
Night Shift
Night Shift is very cool in the fact that it makes it so that when looking at your device at night, the blue light the device emits turns to orange, which is a lot more gentle on one’s eyes. The normal blue light emitted from the screen interferes with the brain’s ability to fall asleep; that’s why you can’t have a good night’s sleep when you’re on you’re device right before bed. This feature emits an orange light which does not interfere with the brain. The screen does not have an orange tint, your eyes adjust after a few seconds to see it normally. I myself have tested this out and I really like this new feature, seeing as though I use my phone a lot at night and in the early morning
Notes Lock
Have you ever noticed how unprotected the Notes app is? It can hold all your sensitive information and anyone can look at it if they have your phone. Well if this concerns you, download 9.3 because it introduces Note Lock. Notes Lock is connected with Touch ID and allows the user to set a fingerprint lock or password on their Notes to keep private information private. Now you can safely keep your bank account information or SS number or anything you want in your Notes app because of Notes Lock. I tested locking and unlocking notes in the app and it does work very well. You can lock specific notes and keep them unlocked if need be. This feature is very cool and I will definitely be using this in the future.

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