Tuesday, March 29, 2016

Day 127 - MSMS 6th Graders Explore the World via Google Expeditions - MSMS Blog

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Ms. Ellis narrates as her students explore desert habits using Google Cardboard headsets. 
This morning, two of our 6th Grade Social Studies classes paid a visit to Memorial Elementary School’s Learning Commons and participated in the Google Expeditions Pioneers Program. These Expeditions are virtual field trips made possible using  Google Cardboard, the virtual reality app and headset which allowed our students and teachers to explore locations throughout the world. Mrs. Sturtevant’s class chose to explore Landforms, while Ms. Ellis’ class explored various Desert Habitats.
Mrs. Sturtevant’s class explores Landforms throughout the world. 

Among the landforms explored by 6B were locations such as Mount Everest, Giant’s Causeway, Tolbachik Volcano, Great Barrier Reef, Chocolate Hills, and Antartica.
6C’s expedition focused on Desert Habitats, such as the Liwa Desert, Deir el-Bahari, Mojave National Preserve, the Sahara’s White Desert, Gobi Desert, and Chinggis Khaan Monument.
By the time their half-hour expeditions were over, our students wanted to see more of what Google Expeditions had to offer. We’d like to thank the Rachel Small, the school librarian over at Memorial for making us aware of this wonderful opportunity!

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