Monday, March 28, 2016

Day 126 - Hands On Learning: The Design Process - Mrs. Warford - Memorial School Grade 4

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Students recently took on a collaborative challenge to design a new desk built for the 21st century student. Students worked through the steps of the design process:

1. Identifying the Problem
2. Asking Questions
3. Planning and Designing
4. Creating a Prototype
5. Trying it Out
6. Making it Better

Students brainstormed the types of things they do at their desks throughout the day and the features that would make their experiences better. The designed a 2-d illustration on paper of what they would like their prototype to look like, and then used recycled materials (mainly boxes) and create prototypes of their design. They then presented them to their peers. Some interesting features included a charging station, tablet stand, cooler, food and drink storage. wheels, and a variety of shelves and compartments.

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