Monday, March 14, 2016

DAY 117 - MSMS Teachers Enact Keys to Comprehension Lessons - MSMS Blog

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6B ELA teacher Mr. Conley demonstrates how Bloom’s Taxonomy is used to order different levels of thinking and learning.
Last week, teachers across all subjects and grade levels at Marshall Simonds enacted demonstrative lessons based on the Keys to Literacy program. The Keys to Literacy program places emphasis on “instructional routines and practical training methods to ensure that schools tangibly improve literacy levels while their students develop a lifelong capacity to learn”.
8B ELA teacher Mrs. Bergeron uses the “2 Column Quotes” strategy to help her students find strong supporting quotes for their writing assignments. 
Over the course of the school year, many of Marshall Simonds’ teachers have been trained in Keys to Literacy’s Key Comprehension Routine, which encourages teachers across all subject areas to incorporate literacy skills into their lessons. The particular skills and activities that the Key Comprehension Routine places emphasis on are: comprehension skills, main idea skills, text structure knowledge, top-down topic webs, two-column notes, summarizing, generating questions, and cooperative learning.
7C Social Studies Teacher Mrs. Evans uses sophists as an example to help her students better understand the different levels of Bloom’s Taxonomy. 
The MSMS teachers who participated in this week’s Keys to Literacy demo were: Ms. D’Arcangelo, Mr. Leslie, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Bergeron, Mrs. Nelson-Boyd, and Mr. Conley. Many of our ELA and Social Studies teachers already been trained and next year, teachers in Science, Foreign Language, and Math will receive training as well. With the help of our Keys to Literacy trainer, Shauna Cotte, our teachers have been working hard to improve student literacy skills.
Keys to Literacy trainer Shauna Cotte expands upon the Key Comprehension Routine during a demo lesson.

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