Monday, November 30, 2015

Day 59 - Virtual Author's Tea: Room 111 Farm Stories - Ms. Farmer - Francis Wyman Grade 1

This post first appeared on Ms. Farmer's Blog

Below you will be able to listen to your child's farm story which was created after a unit of study on farm animals and a trip to Davis Farmland.  Instead of writing about the entire field trip experience, the students were instructed to think of a special moment from the trip.  They then took that isolated event and went on to describe what they saw, heard, felt and smelled. 

1.  First the class was taught the features of a great personal narrative.

2.  Next the children wrote the first draft of their story on paper, focusing on details in the beginning, middle and end.  

3.  After editing and revising with teacher assistance, the children began to publish their book by typing the words of their story into the BookCreator app on their iPad.  They also illustrated their words using the Drawing Pad app and then uploaded their drawings into their book.  Afterward, they recorded themselves reading their story.

4.  The Children's stories were then converted into a video and they had a celebration!  They listened to each other's stories and offered positive feedback in writing to each other.

5.  Below you will be able to watch and listen to your child's story (which has been converted into a Youtube video) with your child.  So grab a cup of tea or your favorite beverage and enjoy listening to as many stories with your child as you like! 

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