Thursday, September 17, 2015

Day 12 - Testing Out Something New: an IDEA Station - Ms. Chang - BHS Art Dept.

This post first appeared on Ms. Chang's Blog

I often hear " I don't know what to draw!" in the art room.

This comment is often heard and I then steer and help guide students. This year I am trying something new,  an IDEA Station.

On a small table in the room I set up an area with a manipulative toy, a few books and the following phrases:

Do you ever feel stuck and not sure what to create?
Check out there suggestions and ideas for inspiration

I am hoping that this area will offer students a place to GO when they are struggling
(something very common for artists! ) and help them discover some options for "what to create" and SPARK new ideas.

I included two great books at the IDEA Station:

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