Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Day 125 - AP Spanish Class Visits Sprouts - Mrs. Dacey - BHS Foreign Language Chair

Last week, Mrs. Dacey’s AP Spanish class traveled to Burlington’s Sprouts preschool classroom to share their Spanish knowledge with the little ones.  The seniors taught the preschool students a Spanish lesson during an hour long session.  The lesson began with a welcome song in Spanish, followed by engaging craft making activities.  First, students made musical instruments, called rain sticks, which are believed to be from the Mexican aztec people.  Next, they learned how to say various body parts in Spanish, while playing a “pin the tail” like game with Señor Papa.  Finally, the students decorated and folded fans and watched a group of four AP students dance the well-known Spanish Flamenco dance.  Both the “big” and “little” Burlington students had a blast!

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