Wednesday, January 21, 2015

Day 86 - Are You As Fluent As a Third Grader? - Mrs. Cunha - Pine Glen Third Grade

This post originally appeared on Mrs. Cunha's Blog

The students in Room 203 are working toward becoming multiplication masters. This means that they will be fluent with the multiplication facts from 0 - 10. Today 3 of my students became multiplication masters! Congratulations to Aditi, Charles, and Shefali! In 3 minutes they solved 100 problems with 100% accuracy. 

Last week, Aditi stated that she would be able to complete the timed test before me. I accepted her challenge today and took the same assessment. Although I was able to complete the assessment before her, she finished quickly after me. Congratulations again to Aditi, Charles and Shefali for their hard work on becoming a multiplication master! I look forward to posting more of my student's accomplishments!

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