Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Day 48 - Why is App Smashing Efficient and Easy? - Sarah Costa, BHS Freshman

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In our high school digital literacy class,this past week we have worked with many different apps, trying to make them work together to create awesome work. We used Chatter Pix and FaceQ to begin making our Digital Literacy PSA (Public Service Announcement).

Made By FaceQ

FaceQ/ Chatter Pix- Make Your Avatars Come to Life!
First, we used FaceQ to make an avatar that represents our own physical appearance, then used Chatter Pix to make it look as if our avatar was talking and saying our line for the PSA. Personally, I thought Chatter Pix was very cool and creative, and it was very easy to use. I thought that FaceQ was super fun to use because there were so many options and I enjoyed being able to play around with the different features. Also, it was very effective because when I was finished, I ended up with a cute picture that resembled my appearance very well. According to ‘The Gamer with Kids,’ , FaceQ is more involved and shows individuality, rather than the common emojis.
Aurasma/ Pic Stich- Make Your Pictures Interactive and Fun!
Aurasma is also a very cool and involved app to use for educational purposes. I think even though it is very easy to use effectively, it is a more advanced app based on what it can do. If you have an Aurasma account, you can scan any picture that is in the account, and from that motionless picture, pops up a video that will explain the picture or has to do with it. I think Aurasma is very interactive because it actually requires you to scan a picture with a device, rather than just clicking a button. Overall, I enjoyed this app and I hope to use it more in the future for other projects. Pic Stich was also very easy to use and it worked, just like we needed it too. We only had to put a picture of ourself on one side, while there was a picture of our avatar on the other side, and it cause us no problems. By using Pic Stich, we had our photo collage in a matter of seconds.
Google Apps- Share Your Ideas!photo-2
We used Google Drive and Google slides to being everything together, and make the finishing touches on the final PSA project. The Google apps were very efficient because they let everybody see their classmates work so that they would a ll look the same they would look very professional and finished. Lastly, we used Google classroom to export everything to our teacher and share all of our final ideas with each other. Overall, app smashing was effective, and helped us understand how to do things easier, and efficiently. Check out edtechteacher’s website to see how people do things similar with a variety of apps!

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