Monday, October 6, 2014

Day 25 - Area and Perimeter Scavenger Hunts - Jennifer Tate, Marshall Simonds Sixth Grade Math

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During math class students were busy working on an area and perimeter scavenger hunt. Students needed to record the length and width of the objects in inches, calculate the area and perimeter using the rectangle and square formulas, and then use the correct label. Items in the scavenger hunt included student desks, tables, books, posters, etc. Here are some pictures of 6A students measuring different items during the scavenger hunt.
photo 5-12photo 4-22photo 3-30photo 2-32photo 1-30photo 5-11photo 4-21photo 3-29photo 2-31photo 1-29
photo 3-28photo 2-30photo 1-28

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