Friday, October 3, 2014

Day 24 - Learning About The Farm - Mrs. Maiorana, Francis Wyman First Grade

In September, students harvested beans and cauliflower from the community garden which is at the back of Francis Wyman field. We wrote a brief description of what we did.

For our upcoming field trip to Davis Farmland we are learning about farm animals: what the animals need, what they give us or how they help us, and how baby animals differ from the adults. We are gathering facts and will be assembling our Farm Fact Books. 

In order to incorporate engineering into our science study of animals, students had the chance to create a fence for our "pig sty". Each student who attempted it used two Popsicle sticks and two pipe cleaners. They were surprised that no tape or glue would be allowed. The challenge was that their section of fence had to connect to someone else's. The "engineers" worked cooperatively as some helped others or were willing to change their own design to make sections connect. After trying to get the fence to stand up, we had to allow tape to support the base of each post (just like a post hole in the ground --and Mrs. Maiorana is not allowed to drill into the counter :)

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