Wednesday, April 30, 2014

Day 143 - Beautiful Burlington - Adelaide O. Memorial School Fifth Grade

This post originally appeared on the Memorial School's Word Worms Blog 

Editor's Note - 

Word Worms was started by Mrs. Burns' 5th Grade Reading Class. The students wanted to create and publish their writing and share with other students.  Check out Word Worms to see all of the writing from 

Beautiful Burlington

The summer breezes hit my face, I smell the fresh air.
The vast sky looks as if it was painted.
The beautiful reds, oranges, purples, and yellows, color the sky.
The wispy clouds are sketched through the air, and the park feels like a painting.
The live band plays enjoyable music to my ears, it’s colors I can hear.
I lie back in my fold out chair and drink an icy cold Lemonade.
I stand up on the fresh green grass, it tickles my bare feet.
I walk around and I hear children laughing and giggling, as they run and play tag throughout the field. 
A man comes out with huge, buckets of soapy water and dips a large net in the water, and makes the biggest bubbles I’ve EVER seen!

I sit back down on my chair, listening to the music, and drinking my Lemonade. I pull out a PB&J sandwich and bite the soft bread.
The skies start to get dark and goose bumps perk up on my arms.
The sun is about to go to sleep and the moon will awaken. The heat still lingers in the now, chilly, sky
I couldn’t ask for a better summer beginning!
This is a beautiful town, a Beautiful Burlington!

-Adelaide O.

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