Monday, February 3, 2014

Day 95 - New Fashion Studio at BHS - Keith Mistler, BHS Art Department

This post originally appeared on Mr. Mistler's website

This year the art department at BHS was lucky enough to have two new rooms built for us! The new photography darkroom (more of that to come later) and the Fashion studio. Fashion Design was introduced into the curriculum for the 2012-2013 school year and has gained momentum. Of course there are always hiccups, but on the whole, the class has been successful and rocked the socks off of the competitors!

I had a class of 23 students last year and it was a bit hectic but we created some fantastic fashions. This year, we have a modest (but still fabulous) class of 14, keeping the sewing machine to student ratio 1:1! The girls (yes we have all girls, but someday the boys will join) have completed two sewing projects and a screen printing project. We are gearing up for the 2014 Fashion Show which is during BHS's open house on Thursday March 20th.

This room used to be empty space in the hallway which was used for storing easels (thank you Ms. Chang for giving up your space!). Ms Chang suggested that we build out the walls to create a new studio classroom and thus the idea for a new fashion room was born. I came in a few times during the summer to see the progress. It took a surprisingly short amount of time. The walls were brought in with windows to create a store-front effect. I have had nothing but positive comments on how great the room looks.

I really have to thank the people involved in this project. Without your help and support, this room wouldn't have come to fruition. Forgive me if I left anyone out of this list.
  • Mr. Mark Sullivan, Ms. Christina Chang, Mr. George Ratkevich, Mr. Craig Robinson, Mr. Steve Zarba, Ms. Marianne Frazier, Ms. Lexi Djordjevic, Ms. Joanne Vigneau

This new space allows fashion students room to create, store their supplies, and lay out fabric. Take a look at some of the photos below.

The 2014 Fashion Show will run at 7pm on March 20th in the lower library. Check it out! 

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