Monday, September 9, 2013

Day 5 - Everything I Needed To Know In Life I Learned In Preschool! Liz Bonavita, Burlington Early Childhood Center Staff

Thanks to Liz Bonavita for this original post!

You can follow the great things happening at the Burlington Early Childhood Center on their blog.

"Everything I needed to know in life I learned in preschool!!!"

--Life Skill #1--   When I call your name, stop, look at me and say "yes"" (acknowledge people)
--Life Skill #2--   When I give you an instruction, do it right away...
(Teachers love this one, spouses not so much)

--Life Skill #3--   When I give instructions do them right away...
(Same as above, multi-level.)

--Life Skill #4--   When something is too hard, find a teacher and say, "Help me please."  (We all need help one time or another)

--Life Skill #5--   When you want something from a teacher or friend and they are busy, say "Excuse me", to get their attention.
(Good manners work all the time)

--Life Skill #6--   When someone is in your way, or has something you want, say "Excuse me may I have that when you are done??"
(Wait for your turn, time)

--Life Skill #7--   When an adult/child tells you to wait, say, "okay" and your waiting words..."When I wait quietly I get what I want."
(Patience is a virtue)

--Life Skill #8--    When someone gives you something, look at them and say "Thank You". 
(Acknowledge kindness)

--Life Skill #9--   When someone new comes to the area where you are playing, say "Hello", or something else that is nice.
(We all want to be part of something)

--Life Skill #10--  When you see someone that does not have any toys, share some toys with them.
(Share ideas, kindness, yourself,......etc.)

--Life Skill #11--  When someone looks hurt or upset, ask the question, "Are you ok??"
(Empathy, compassion)

Just a few words for the blog...........Happy September Everyone!....Liz

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