Thursday, September 5, 2013

Day 3 - If You’re Going to Use iPads With Kids, You’ll Have to Know This Trick, Ben Schersten, Francis Wyman IT Specialist

Okay, I admit it. I make mistakes. And I love the “undo” command. You know, command+z in OS X and ctrl+z in Windows.

And if you’ve ever worked with kids you know they make mistakes too. There they are, writing away when somehow they manage to select a paragraph or two (or maybe they “select all”) and accidentally bump the delete key… oops.
Some text…


And deleted…

Oh no. This is an iPad; there’s no command+z. But… there is an undo button. With the traditional keyboard up, tap the “.?123″ button to bring up the secondary keyboard. There, on the left is the “undo” button.

Google Drive and Pages both have their own undo buttons (up top on the left, did you notice those in the screenshots?) but this works everywhere. Evernote, Notes, etc. Anywhere you enter text.
So, the next time your students lose a paragraph of work (or more), you can help them get it back.
Sadly, the undo button is not present on the iPhone.
photo credit: llauren via photopin cc
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