Thursday, June 7, 2018

Day 163 - Burlington High School grads encouraged to take ‘leap of faith’

Explore the unknowns. Take a leap of faith.

Those were some of the words of encouragement graduates of Burlington High School’s Class of 2018, made up of nearly 230 students, were told at the commencement ceremony held Sunday, June 3, at the BHS varsity field.

During his speech, valedictorian Benjamin Anthony Horgan said, “Receiving our diplomas here today is a representation of the potential that every one of us has. Now we all have different goals in life, I am sure of that. But one thing I believe we have in common is wanting to achieve personal success and happiness, no matter what that looks like.”

He congratulated fellow graduates at the ceremony, but reminded the seniors, “by no means are we done growing.”

Sarvesh Sakunala, the salutatorian, told his classmates, “We are all going to reach a point in the near future where we will be faced with a choice of whether or not we want to take a risk. If there’s something you want to achieve, but it requires taking a leap of faith, I encourage you to do so.”

Sakunala said even failures are a learning experience and advised the graduates to always give their all.

He said, “Go beyond what you’re comfortable with and explore new unknowns. You may just be glad you did.”

Class President Neil Bhammar said he was filled with pride in his fellow classmates for the challenges they’ve overcome, their hard work and the camaraderie the Class of 2018 had shown helping one another succeed.

He said, “High school isn't always easy … but you persisted, and you persisted in a way that creates a foundation for you to be a star in the life that stretches ahead.”

Principal Mark Sullivan told students to continue surrounding themselves with caring and positive people, like the friends, family and community members who gathered on the field during graduation.
Sullivan said, “Believe in yourself, be a lifelong learner and always invest in your continued growth … investing in yourself will pay dividends as you travel through the ever-changing landscape of your adulthood.”

He said, “I hope as you leave Burlington High School it is with a sincere appreciation for our great community and for everything it has taught you. I am confident that you all have the knowledge, you all have the potential, but most importantly, you all have the drive to make anything possible.”

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