Tuesday, May 15, 2018

Day 149 - Circle Time - Mrs. Tate - MSMS Grade 6 Math

Recently 6th-grade students enjoyed the beautiful weather while doing some work with circles.  Each team was given a measurement of either a circle’s radius or diameter.  Half of the team computed what the circumference of the circle was using the formula (C = 2 x pi x radius or C = pi x diameter).  The other half of the team was given a tape measure, chalk, and piece of rope to draw the circle.  The students had to be creative with a “human rope” compass to accurately draw the circle.  After the circle was drawn students unrolled the tape measure and placed it along the circle’s circumference to see how close it came to the actual calculation.  Then the teams switched roles while working on an additional circle.  Students then calculated the percent error for each of their circles.  Lastly, they found the average of their percent error to see which team was the BEST!  Here are some pictures of them in action.

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