Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Day 145 - May Update - Mr. Norman - Fox Hill Grade 5

This is more like it! Now it's spring.

In math, we covered the most important concepts in several different units in order to best prepare for the math MCAS.  After MCAS we will return to many of these topics to cover them in more depth.  Topics include classifying 2d figures, analyzing patterns and relationships, algebra, graphing points on the coordinate plane, and representing and interpreting data and measurement.  

In language arts, we completed reading Hatchet by Gary Paulsen.  Some of the activities we are involved in include: writing book reviews, answering essential questions about the text, and writing scripts about what might have happened between different characters in the story.  We wrote healthy eating commercials and made infomercials that we shared in class. Look for these in Seesaw!  We are also working on our narrative writing skills and are actively planning stories through the use of two-column notes.

In science, we completed our animal enclosure projects.  Last Friday we presented our enclosures to the 2nd grade.  They were eager to visit and ask us questions about the design process since they are working on a habitat unit in science.  Now we are preparing for the Science MCAS test which will take place next Wednesday and Friday, May 16-17.

5th graders explain how they designed their animal
enclosure to meet the needs of its inhabitant.

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