Tuesday, May 1, 2018

Day 139 - BHS Essential Questions in the Art Classroom - Ms. Chang - BHS Art

This year at BHS we created and are utilizing the following essential questions to promote the BHS core values and mission statement. 

BHS Essential Questions (2017-18)
School-wide question of the year What is the power of one?

Freshman Year:  What makes up my identity, and how does my identity impact my role as a community member? 
Sophomore Year:  Why is it crucial to question our assumptions and seek multiple perspectives? 
Junior Year:  Why is it important to work toward establishing equity rather than equality
Senior Year:   How can I use my skills, knowledge, and resources to better my community? 

For my Design class which is made up of mostly freshmen  I created two sketchbook assignments using the essential questions:

What is my identity? And How does my identity impact my community?

The lesson is linked up HERE
Here are some students samples from their sketchbooks:

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