Friday, April 27, 2018

Day 137 - Weather & Climate Project - Mrs. Hayes - Pine Glen Grade 3

As our final project for our Weather & Climate Unit, every student worked in a group to create a Google Slide Presentation.  They had to pretend their family was moving to another city and needed to tell their family what the weather and climate would be like, how they should be prepared for natural disasters, and the differences in the climate from here in Burlington.  Students used data books, science books, and information they saw online to help them complete the project.  They presented their Google Slide presentation to the class so we all learned a little about the different weather and climate patterns around the United States.  Everyone did an amazing job researching, writing, and creating their presentation.  You can access your child's Google Presentation by going to their Google Drive.  I'm sure they can tell you all about the how they worked through this project!

Chicago, IL - Vivianna, Melody & Shayla

Miami, FL - Jada, Zachary & Redha

Seattle, WA - Arianna, Brian, Mackenzie & Eric

 Phoenix, AZ - Adam & Liam 

Oklahoma City, OK - Dylan & Kai

Miami, FL - Ben, Sadie & Brooke

Los Angeles, CA - Phoebe, Safa & Addie

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