Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Day 116 - 8C Social Studies Goes Medieval! - Mrs. Volpe - MSMS Grade 8

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Students in Mrs. Volpe’s 8C social studies class show off their creativity and talents as they work on their Medieval Europe Projects.
“We are studying Medieval Europe and my group decided to research anti-semitism. I have learned so many new and interesting things about how different religions were treated over this period of time. This project was both fun and challenging. My group worked great together and things got done very fast which was great. We felt very accomplished when we looked at our completed project.  This was one of my favorite projects and I was always excited to go to Social Studies every day to work on it.”
Student reflection:
“In my opinion, the Medieval projects were very enjoyable. One of my favorite parts was that we got to pick our own groups and our topic. I also liked how no two groups had the same topic, so everyone’s project was different and unique. Another reason that I liked the projects was that I was able to learn a lot about our topic, Queen Isabella, and King Ferdinand. The textbook gives some information about the King and Queen, but doing the research project on them, really allowed me, as well as the other people in my group, to learn so much more about them.  I learned about their accomplishments, where they lived, and why they created Spain. For example, I learned that Queen Isabella funded the legendary trip made by a Christopher Columbus and was greatly responsible for the Spanish Inquisition. Lastly, I enjoyed getting to be creative. I have never had a set of guidelines that included three 3D objects, but I enjoyed it. It was a very fun, and a different challenge. In conclusion, I really enjoyed this project for many reasons, and I hope we get to do more like it.” -Izzy

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