Monday, March 19, 2018

Day 114 - Snow Day Challenge - Mrs. Parnell - Pine Glen Kindergarten

This post first appeared on Mrs. Parnell's Blog

We are so excited that SO MANY of our students chose to participate in our Snow Day Challenge. WAY TO GO! We are so impressed that you spent some time today working on your school work. We cannot wait to see what you turn in when we return to school. We are so PROUD of our students!  At the time of this post parents of 12 students had sent me pictures of their child participating in some type of academic work - JUST AMAZING! 

AJ is working on the Let's Find Out online resource. Awesome Job AJ!

Zoe is working on the Let's Find Out sight word worksheet. Looking great Zoe!

Pranila is working on her writing about the penguin book she read.
Very impressive Pranila!

Garrett is in a thinking position, working on his sight word worksheet!
Nice going Garrett!

Jackson is also working hard on his sight word paper. I can also see that he
has his homework folder and book pouch out ready to work on. Super Job Jackson!

Matthew is working on finding sight words in the Let's Find Out text.
Excellent Effort Matthew! 

Gabby is also working on the Let's Find Out online component. Great Job Gabby!

Taylor is working hard on the Let's Find out online game. She is really focusing here!

Ben is reading hie book on penguins. So glad to see students reading, Love it!

Dominc is working on his sight word paper! Off to a great start

Connor worked on his writing.

Connor also worked on his sight word worksheet.

Connor also worked on his flashcards! WOW! Way to go Connor.

Ben chose to work on ST Math before attempting his Snow Day Challenge. 
So glad that you are spending time on exercising your brain today Ben!

Pranila also spent some time on ST Math!

Sebastian was absent yesterday so he did not get the Snow Day Challenge.
So happy to see that you are spending some time reading today! Nice Job Sebastian!

AJ ventured outside to play and get some fresh air! Hope you had fun!

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