Monday, March 12, 2018

Day 111 - A Beautiful Life - MSMS Photography Students

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Our latest project involves intergenerational photography, which we’ve dubbed “Beautiful Life.” Ms. Phillips and I will be working with the Burlington Housing Authority next Tuesday to provide portrait sessions for senior residents! Our MSMS student photographers will be providing their talented services during the Activity Block period, and after students return to school to edit their work, each participant will receive a printed photo as a keepsake.
Yesterday’s shoot during our Activity Block period was a “practice session” with our good friend and fellow BPS colleague, Mrs. Georgia Devine and her poker ladies (Loretta, Ann and Marge). These gals have been playing weekly poker for the past 23 years! (they call themselves the “Poker Dots”). We also celebrated Georgia’s 75th birthday! 
At the conclusion of our portrait sessions at Tower Hill, we look forward to planning a reception and public exhibition of the student work later in the Spring.  Stay tuned for some sneak peaks of student photography! 

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