Friday, December 1, 2017

Day 58 - Immigrating to America - Mrs. Nolte - Fox Hill Grade 4

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We had another lovely visitor to room 16. Anthony's dad came to talk to us about his story of immigrating to America. He shared how he was offered a scholarship to go to school in the United States, but before he could come he had to take a test. After he was given a student visa. He told us that he always wanted to come to America because of what he saw on TV and in the movies. He also wanted to come because there were more opportunities here than in Peru. He studied and found a good job in America and after seven years he took another test to become an American citizen.

He was sad to leave his home country of Peru, but he knew that in America he would have more opportunities to find work and get better pay. He also told us a little about Peru; how Machu Picchu was created by the Incas and how amazing it is that in the 15th century they were able to create such an amazing structure.

Thank you for sharing your story with us!
                                                      Our class with Anthony (holding the Peruvian flag) and his dad

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