Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Day 177 - National Park Persuasive Writing - Mr. Murphy and Ms. Scheffer - Fox Hill EdTech Team

Ms. Scheffer and I are ending our year with one of my favorite projects. We are working with Mrs. Nolte and Mrs. Hevey’s 4th grade students on their National Park persuasive writing projects. In this project, students are tasked with writing a persuasive essay about why their parents and families should take them to a National Park during summer vacation. What makes this project so exciting and unique is that so many other subjects are integrated into the research that helps them form their persuasive writing. Students incorporate math by researching how far away their park is and analyzing the cost of the trip. They incorporate social studies skills by incorporating maps into their projects. They incorporate critical thinking and reasoning by determining the best way to access their park. Can they drive in the case of Acadia, or do they have to fly in the case of Yellowstone? They incorporate science by learning about their park’s wildlife and geological formations dating back millions and even billions of years. They learn stewardship by learning climate science and discussing ways to protect our National Parks for future generations. They then synthesize all of this information and then use their writing skills to craft their persuasive essay on why their parents and families should bring them to a National Park during summer vacation. We put all this research together to display in the form of a video presentation and use our green screen to transport the students to their park. Hopefully their essays are successful and they are able to convince their families to pack their bags this summer! I know they’ve convinced me to get out to our National Parks for sure! Check out some examples below!

Epic Everglades – Celeste

Wildlife Wonders – Kritika

The Wonders of the Wild – Bella

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