Friday, June 2, 2017

Day 165 - Pollination Comes to Life - Mr. Murphy and Ms. Scheffer - Fox Hill EdTech Team

This post first appeared on the BPS EdTech Blog

Mr. Murphy and I recently collaborated with Mr. Lisano’s fourth-grade science class on a pollination project where students had the opportunity to use either Book Creator or Explain Everything to demonstrate their knowledge of the reproduction process of a flower. 

Students are already well-versed in Book Creator, however, they visited the Learning Commons to have a lesson on some more advanced features of Explain Everything including the lasso and laser pointer tools and how to animate objects. After the lesson, students were able to use Explain Everything to discuss how male and female flowers reproduce and the role of a pollinator in the reproduction process. Students uploaded their final projects to Google Classroom and below are three highly entertaining examples featuring Bobby the Bee and Henry Howard that we are proud to share!

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