Tuesday, May 23, 2017

Day 158 - Non-Fiction Inform Writing about the Weather! - Mrs. Parnell - Pine Glen Kindergarten

The Kindergartners have been learning about the weather all year long. Last week we completed our cumulative project. The students created an instruct, procedural poster- an invitation through the Explorations in Non-Fiction writing unit. Students made observations about their birthday months’ weather and temperature. Then they designed a birthday invitation that included: their birthdate, place of party, activity, and list of suggested items to wear/bring to the party. This fictional birthday party would be planned to take place outside on the day of their birthday in the Massachusetts area.

The students followed the following steps:

  1. Identify the month and day of birthday and the temperature during that month.
  2. Identify an appropriate place and outdoor activity for a party during that season/month.
  3. List appropriate clothing and other accessories needed for the weather at the party (i.e., umbrella, sunscreen, bathing suit, snow boots, hats, sweatshirt, etc.).
  4. Design a birthday invitation with four parts:  the actual date of the birthday, the place where the party will take place (beach, playground, apple orchard, ice skating rink, etc.), the outdoor activity (swimming, playing baseball, building a snowman, picking apples, etc.), and the list of clothing and accessories needed.
    We brainstormed ideas about the weather for the different seasons, then the students created their own graphic organizer for each of the four seasons. The students were grouped according to their birthday season to create their invitations.

Pictures of our final products will be posted soon!

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