Monday, April 24, 2017

Day 137 - BHS Poetry Stations - Mrs. Graham - BHS English Dept.

In honor of National Library Week and National Poetry Month, the BHS Library, the English Department, and Poetic Ramblings, BHS’s poetry and culture club, sponsored poetry stations in the upper and lower library spaces. Students in each English period spent the day crafting their own original works of poetry. A description of the stations and pictures can be found below. #bhspoetrymonth #NationalLibraryWeek #LibrariesTransform
Poetry Activity Station Bonanza!
  • Magnetic Poetry Station (Lower Library): Sit at a table. Take a look at the magnetic words. Make some magnetic poetry magic.
  • Illustration Station (Upper Library): Here, you’ll find markers, colored pencils and pens, blank paper and coloring pages. You’ll also find a series of poems. You can look at the poems and illustrate them. OR, you can use one of the illustrated coloring pages to inspire your own poetry; color, write, enjoy!
  • Black-out Poetry Station (Lower Library): We read some amazing books at BHS! Take a look at some of the pages from these books and pay attention to the language. Black-out poetry is when you take a published page and alter it by “blacking-out” all the words on the page that you don’t want in your poem.
  • Collaborative Writing Station (Lower Library): Grab a partner and start writing. There are two separate activities here: (1) PING-PONG POETRY, which is when you write a line of a poem and then hand it off to your partner for that poet to write a line. You exchange until the poem is complete. (2) TAG, SONNET! (Like, “Tag, you’re it!” only so much better). This activity is similar to ping-pong poetry, only you write a sonnet!
  • Haiku Station (Lower Library): Write a haiku. You can use some of the nature photographs as inspiration. Also, feel free to take your haiku and make a paper swan using the origami paper and instructions provided.
  • Free-Write Station (Lower Library): Grab some paper and start writing.
  • Book Spine Poetry Station (Upper Library): Stack some books. Use their titles to make an original poem. Fun!
  • Poetry Appreciation Station (Upper Library): Sit in the comfy chairs, relax, and read. Leave a bookmark in your favorite poem for the next person. Feel free to write them a note about why you love it.
  • Unexpected Metaphors Station (Lower Library): Build a poem using some fresh and unexpected metaphors.

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