Thursday, April 6, 2017

Day 131 - Persuasive Writing on the Seasons - Ms. Farmer - Francis Wyman Grade 1

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Which Season Is the Most Important?

While we learned that all seasons are important, the students of Room 111 took their writing to another level and chose one season to write about.  Their goal: to persuade their readers that their chosen season was the most important.

Step One: Learning about all of the seasons:
First, we watched educational videos and read books on each individual season:

Step Two: We recorded our facts into our season notebooks:

Step 3: We learned about the features of good persuasive writing:

Step 4: We each chose a season to write about, outlined our writing on our panning sheets and began our rough drafts:

Step 5: We created our persuasive posters.  We started with writing a beginning to hook our readers.  We then supported this topic sentence with reasons, facts and pictures.  Some pictures were drawn and others were photos which went with our words.  Here we are sharing our posters with each other:

Here are our Persuasive Posters!  Enjoy!

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