Monday, March 27, 2017

Day 123 - Stream Table Demonstration - Mr. Daley - Fox Hill Grade 4

This post first appeared on Mr. Daley's Blog

Today, Mr. Musselman, from the Burlington Science Center, visited Fox Hill 4th graders to lead a "stream table demonstration" as part of our Weathering and Erosion science unit. During the 45-minute hands-on activity, students recreated models of river systems in table top experiments. The demonstration advanced students’ qualitative understanding of how rivers shape the Earth’s surface while explicitly providing opportunities to develop their science practices such as observation, modeling, and experimentation. Students gained knowledge that the angle and amount of water flow affect the shape of a river and observed the surface features that resulted. Following are some photos of our Room 20 scientists "in action" at today's stream table activity. Enjoy! (Thanks to Mrs. Hevey for serving as today's photographer!)

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