Monday, February 6, 2017

Day 96 - We Are Writers - Mrs. Bennett - Fox Hill Kindergarten

Write to Excite!
Room 5 is filled with excited writers! Being a writer can be hard sometimes but we've got so many stories to tell.  Our readers are loving our stories about our family, food, vacations, and many more. 

We began by brainstorming a list of ideas. The best way to to write from the heart:

On Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday mornings students begin their day by writing. Students can write about anything...the possibilities are endless! We love to share our writing with our readers and celebrate all of our hard work. PLUS...Writing is always more fun when you have a scratch and sniff pencil!!
 Check out our writers in action:  

Procedural Writing
This week we also learned about a new type of nonfiction writing called procedural or instructional writing. This is simply a type of writing which explains how to do something. We started by writing about a procedure we do everyday in school.  Some students wrote about how to get ready for lunch, a fire drill, and how to get packed up to go home.  These simple routines were explained in 3-5 steps.  The students did an amazing job! At the end of the week, we created a procedural poster about something we have a lot of expertise in. Students could choose a routine they complete at home or at school. 
Check out how they came out: 


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