Thursday, February 2, 2017

Day 94 - Global School Play Day 2017 - John Lyons - Pine Glen Principal


Kindergarten classes at Pine Glen Elementary School today participated in Global School Play Day 2017 (GSPD). GSPD was promoted by Psychology Today and was celebrated by schools around the world. You can learn more about the benefits of unstructured play by visiting the official GSPD website:  

Though the play day was unstructured, it was still well supervised by teachers. Staff supported and fostered the many social skills involved in play.  Turn taking, cooperation and mutual respect were modeled and practiced.  In addition, mathematical skills such as counting and recognizing greater than, less than as well as same and different were reinforced along with ELA communication skills throughout the day too.

It is our hope that this day of play will inspire all of us to plan for more unstructured play time in our student's lives.

Mrs. Horton (RTI Tutor), Ms. Miliano (kindergarten instructional assistant), and Mrs. Burke (speech language pathologist) playing with students. 

Mrs. Hoyt (kindergarten teacher) playing with students. 

Ms. Ryan (speech language pathologist assistant) playing with students. 

Mrs. Kearney (kindergarten instructional assistant) playing withe students. 

Mrs. Parnell (kindergarten teacher) and Mrs. Perry (school psychologist) playing with students. 

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  1. I had Mrs. Horton in 2nd grade and still remember the first ten Presidents of the United States! Unstructured play is so important for growing minds. This event looks like so much fun for all!