Wednesday, December 21, 2016

Day 70 - Holiday Traditions and Customs - Mrs. Tigges - Fox Hill Grade 2

This post originally appeared on the Fox Hill Blog for Rooms 17 and 18

As part of our Social Studies curriculum, we have been discussing the  diversity in our classroom.  We have so many ways to celebrate our holidays, customs and traditions.

This week we have invited parents to come in and share their family traditions with the class.

On Monday, Krish's Mom came in to talk with us about Garba.  Garba is a type of folk dance originated from Gujral, India.  It is mainly performed during the festival called Navrati. It is a festival that lasts for 9 days and comes around September or October, based on the Hindu calendar.

The Garba represents the life in the mother's womb.  The dance worships the divinity and Power of the Goddess Durga, Amba.

The Garba is performed usually on the late evening.  People gather up in an open space.  They start with a traditional ritual like Aarti.  It begins with a slow tempo and as time passes the energy level increases.  Traditionally people used to perform Garba on the rhythm of Dhol (drum) and other instruments.  Garba is a colorful, vibrant, high energy dance with a fast beat music.

Dancers use their hands and feet in synchronization and  move around in a circle.  Dancers wear colorful costumes. Girls wear "Chaniya Choli" and boys wear "Kediyu".

On Tuesday Emmett's Mom came in to talk with us about their family tradition of kindness.  Each holiday season Emmett's family adopts a family to help with holiday shopping.  The family purchases gifts for the children and household items for the parents.  They also purchase food for the family. They make sure to include activities for the family to enjoy together.  Emmett's family then wraps all of the presents to deliver to the family.

Over the years, Emmett's family now includes friends in their family tradition.  This year a group of friends purchased and donated gifts to two families in need.  

Emmett's Mom focused on the spirit of kindness and giving to those less fortunate.  She encouraged the children to find ways to reach out and support those who need assistance. 

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