Thursday, December 8, 2016

Day 61 - Decem-BURRR! - Ms. Christie - Fox Hill Kindergarten

Please check out some of our "December-doings" this week! We have talked a lot about animals, and how they survive during the cold months of winter! We also talked about how WE get ready for the upcoming winter months too! 

Fundations Letters: 
Image result for d and s fundations cardsImage result for d and s fundations cards
We have been practicing the letters d & s this week. The letters we learn are becoming increasingly challenging to write! We practice writing letters during Fundations and center time. Don't forget to practice at home too!

Check out some pictures below! The students are working hard at our centers this week!! 

Students at read to self center - introducing some new "rocker" chairs!  

Charlie at the iPad center

Making some sleepy bears at the art center to show hibernation!

Read to Self Center

Erin working hard at pick a Gumdrop center!

Working together at the game center 

Listening Center

Rainbow Write!  

 We talked about the things WE do to get ready for winter. Then we each made our very own poster in which we drew and/or wrote out the steps.

Jan Brett is our Author of the Month for December! 

Our poem this week "Winter Animals"

Our hibernating bears are sleeping in the cave!!

This week's shake breaks!

Guiding Questions: 
- What are some words that begin with s? What are some words that begin with d?
- What else do animals do besides hibernate during the winter?
-What does your child do to get ready for the winter?
-What was your child's favorite center this week?

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