Monday, December 5, 2016

Day 58 - Preparing for Winter, Owl Ways Learning - Mrs. Bennett - Fox Hill Kindergarten

Our class is continuing to become very extinguished researchers! Each time we begin a new topic we ask students to share their schema, prior learning, about the subject.  Then we use different resources to gain more understanding and new learning to add to our chart.  Our researchers use books, pictures, and even videos to gain new learning. BrainPOP is one of our favorite resources. 

Check out all of our new learning: 

Emergent Reader
This week we read: Where Will That Arctic Animal Go?

Check out our brave volunteers: 

OWLS (Centers)
After Thanksgiving is the time students should be on their way to being independent workers.  The routines and expectations have been explained, modeled, practiced, and are quickly becoming second nature! 

Here are some snapshots of them in action! 

Teacher Talk. . .

Fair is Not Always Equal
Mrs. Greene's lesson this week focused on Fairness.  She talked to them about what fair looks like and read them a story.  She compared fairness to someone needing glasses.  Someone who has needs glasses to see is given glasses because that is fair.  Everyone having a pair of glasses is not fair, especially if they don't need glasses to see.  

The students worked on an activity about fairness and what each individual person or even animal needs to get through their day.  Students looked at different animals and added the things they need. For instance, a pig needs mud and a fish needs water.  That is fair because they both need those things.  The fish doesn't just get mud because the pig needs mud. 

We will continue to practice these skills and have these conversations about fairness.

Class Reward
Room 5 has done it again! We've earned many compliments about our behavior from other teachers and staff members in the building. They are VERY impressed by Room 5! To celebrate we've selected to have a stuffed animal day! Students may bring in 1 stuffed animal of their choice. The stuffed animal should be able to fit in your child's backpack and cannot make any sounds/music. Don't forget to celebrate their accomplishments! 

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