Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Day 56 - AP Students Teach at Sprouts - BHS World Language Department

This post first appeared on the BHS World Language Department's Blog 

Yesterday, Profe DeSousa and Sra. Dacey’s AP Spanish class visited the Sprouts preschool classroom to teach the children a Spanish lesson.  The preschoolers were excited to interact with the big high school kids during the engaging Spanish activities that the AP Spanish students had prepared for them.  For example, the students participated in a Mr. Potato Head activity in order to learn various vocabulary words in Spanish, including la cabeza, los labios, las orejas, los ojos, la nariz, etc.  Afterwards, the students moved on to the next activity which included learning los números and los colores en español.  The preschoolers especially enjoyed the colors and numbers station because they used Skittles candy to identify the colors of the rainbow in Spanish.  Lastly, the students ended with a task that highlighted the things that they are grateful for in life (e.g. la familia, la comida, los amigos, etc.).  Along with the help of the big kids, the preschoolers colored pictures, practiced pronunciation of vocabulary words, sang songs, and, most importantly, had fun while learning en español.

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