Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Day 41 - Introducing TECHXSCAPE at the Vault - Dennis Villano - Director of Technology Integration

This post first appeared on the BPSEdTech Blog 

Can you Xscape the Vault?
The BPS EdTech Team is excited to announce our new professional learning series. TECHXSCAPE will provide BPS teachers with opportunities to learn about technology devices and resources for the classroom. Teachers will join members of the BPS EdTech Team during half-day or full day sessions at the Vault room of the technology department. The Vault room formally served as a secure storage facility for technology devices. The Vault has now been redesigned as our new training lab. Teachers who participate in TECHXSCAPE will spend the first half of the session learning about a technology application or resource. The second half of the session will determine whether or not the teachers get to go home...

Teachers will be given a problem to solve during the second half of the session. They will need to use the technology that they have just learned about to find a solution to the problem. The solution will provide the key to exit the Vault.
No Solution = No Key
The BPS EdTech Team hopes that this new professional learning series will provide some exciting ways to explore technology that can be used in the classrooms of Burlington schools. Dates for the upcoming sessions of TECHXSCAPE at the Vault will be announced soon.

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