Monday, October 31, 2016

Day 39 - A Special Guest - Missy S from Mrs. Fitzpatrick's Pine Glen Grade 5 Class

This post first appeared on Mrs. Fitzpatrick's Blog 

Written by Missy S (Guest Blogger)

Written by Missy S (Guest Blogger)

We had a special visitor in our class on Tuesday. Her name was Mrs. Boswell and she is basically a teacher for teachers. She is from Montana. I am thankful that she took her time out of her own day to come here and teach us 5th graders.

Mrs. Boswell taught as about how to start a personal narrative. We told us to put one hand on our head and the other hand on our heart. She told us that we need to write about something we remember really well and that we have strong emotion about. We also got paired up with a partner but I got paired up with two. Their names were Hayden and Skylar. We shared our ideas and what we were going to write about. I wrote about when my family and I took home my puppy Skittles. Skylar wrote about when she first saw her niece in the hospital. Hayden wrote about when brother was born. While we were writing she visited each one of us. Mrs. Boswell complimented me on how well I described the wiry door when I walked into the breeder's house. I had fun and learned a lot when she visited and I hope she comes back for another lesson.

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