Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Day 36 - 6th Grade BEAMers Visit Bog! - Mrs. Rogers - MSMS BEAM Teacher

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Photo Credit:  Sophie Zenkin, gr. 8
Today we had a gloriously chilly day watching a cranberry harvest at one of several bogs owned by Harju Brothers Cranberries, Inc.  Our morning destination was located in Kingston, MA, somewhere near the Pembroke/Duxbury line.
Along for the trip was Ms. Phillips and the Digital Photography Activity Block students, who captured the event for an upcoming school newspaper article.  It was a beautifully sunny day and the crimson of the berries against the blue sky was magnificent!  Our friend, Elaine Harju Akers gave us the step-by-step process for gathering up the berries, which get sold exclusively to Ocean Spray’s cooperative and processed in the nearby Lakeville/Middleboro plant.  Because the Harju berries are “wet harvested”, they’re used in juice, cranberry sauce and Craisins.
I was shocked at how many students had never actually tasted cranberries nor eaten cranberry sauce at Thanksgiving!  Elaine fished out clean berries for us to sample, and this BEAM teacher can tell you that the flavor was so much more crisp and fresh than I’d ever tasted.
We dined on the bus (and all the cold air and walking around made us pretty ravenous) and then we visited a local McDonald’s to visit the restrooms and some of us may have gotten hot French Fries!
Looking forward to showcasing some great student WRITING and PHOTOGRAPHY from this experience.
Photo Credits:  Elaine Harju Akers

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